Rookies movie coming – as well as some competition…

17 04 2009

jg_rookiesYou couldn’t exist in Tokyo last summer without being inadvertently exposed to the theme song from Rookies, a show about a high school baseball club banned from playing the sport and subsequently becoming delinquents. The drama inspired a two-hour special and a movie this summer (Rookies: Graduation), but a similar movie, Slackers, will be debuting on the same day. 

The story centers on a group of delinquents forced to revive their school’s baseball team. The movie deals with a rivalry between two high school groups, which looks to be settled on the diamond instead of the streets (though baseball bats would presumably be used in both cases, as is the Yanki style). 

The movie looks similar to Rookies (violence and baseball) though the trailer makes the film appear to have more of a comic bent. It will likely face tough competition from an audience already weened on the Rookies drama.

For the trailer, click: Here!

For the Rookies: Graduation trailer, click: Here! 

Note: Above picture is from Rookies, not Slackers.




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